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Why You Should Give Gift Experiences Instead of Gifts

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In recent years, “gift experiences” have become a thing. You might have heard about it from social media, or in your own life with a gift certificate for rock climbing, an escape room, or jet skiing. 

Giving the gift of novel experiences is quickly becoming a popular alternative to material gifts. With experience gifts, you’re offering a loved one, a friend, or your Yankee Swap partner an opportunity not to take something home, but live life to the fullest. 

Experience gifts are an offer to change someone’s life. Whether it’s physical or intellectual in nature – paintball versus a museum pass, for instance – it’s something that lasts longer than almost anything you could buy: memories. 

Benefits of Gift Experiences

Whether it’s jet-skiing or some other incredible experience, the giver has a lot of room for creativity.

  • It Can Be Healthy – Gifting someone a hike or a physical challenge course is a great way to give someone morale- and health-boosting challenge. They’ll be thankful to you when they feel accomplished on the other side of the finish line. 
  • It Can Be Delicious – Wine or beer tastings or exotic dining experiences are a great way to leave a good taste in their mouth. 
  • It Can Be Educational – Enlightening and insightful experiences make us better people, and educational experience gifts are an investment in your loved one’s future. 
  • Always Photogenic – If your loved one is on social media, you can bet they’ll love posting photos of their experience. Experience gifts offer memories and an opportunity to show it off to the world!

As we become more involved with technology in our everyday lives, people are increasingly choosing to invest in experiences that put them back into life. Experience gifts are an incredible way to show someone you love them, and luckily we have many choices for the holiday season. 

A Jet Ski Experience, A Gift of a Lifetime

Do you live in New York City? Or, does your loved one live here? Even many New Yorkers don’t know jet skiing in the Hudson River is available!

Giving a Sea The City Jet Ski Experience for birthdays or holidays is an offer to change your loved one’s life. For the adventurer inside us all there’s nothing more valuable than gifting valuable experiences they’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

For a surprise from afar, or to make #SundayFunday more exciting, our experienced instructors are ready to take on riders of any skill level – everyone has fun with Sea the City

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