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The Five Best Ways to Discover New York City

a view of Empire State Building

New York City is a jungle and a veritable world in and of itself. There’s so much to see that poets have written about its size and songs have celebrated its lightest and darkest parts.

People experience New York City in all types of ways, and not one of them is better than another. But, there are certain ways that will truly blow your mind and take your breath away.

We’ve taken a close look at several ways you can experience New York City that will leave experiences lingering in your memory for years to come. Have you tried one of these? If so, leave a comment and tell us your story!

Take the Subway

The New York City subway is world famous as one of the busiest, and one of the most active.

Long a place where someone can hear an argument and one of the best musicians you’ve ever heard in one stop, the thousands of people who use it every day have created a place that is just as diverse as the city above ground. We suggest spending a good amount of time in the subway to see how the underbelly of a city can be a city in and of itself.

Take to the Water

If there’s one way you can experience the city in a memorable way, it’s by water tour.

There’s no better way to do this than on a jet ski. With our Sea The City jet ski tours, you can learn the basics from our professional instructors and take to the seas. The best part is the view – you’ll be able to see the daunting New York City skyline from the water, and bask in the beauty of it towering over you.

Take a Bus

Bus tours of New York City are about as numerous as people walking the streets. That means there’s tons of diversity in the types of tours.

If it’s pizza you want, there’s a company that does pizza tours. If it’s beer you’re looking for, there’s tons of beer bus tours. Specific tours for all kinds of different aspects of New York City life are available, and often for great prices. Also, many of these companies feature Groupon deals, so you can have a great experience while saving money.

Take a Walk

There’s nothing like experiencing a place among its people, while on foot.

Taking a walk through the various burroughs allows you to see life in the city as other people live it. There is so much to see on every block that sometimes getting up close and personal is the best way to truly smell the same air and see the same sights as locals.

Take a Bike

Want to see new sites and feel the wind blowing past you? Take a bike.

New York City is becoming a very bike-friendly city, with new lanes being added all the time. Along with being a great way to stay healthy, cycling can be an incredible adventure for seeing many sites in a small amount of time. Here are some of the best places to bike in NYC.

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