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Unique Social Distancing Activities to Do in NYC


Social distancing is a practice that is here to stay for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with friends.

Generally-accepted guidelines tell us to keep at least six feet away from anyone else to avoid contracting COVID-19. That means any activity you enjoy should be done either remotely, or out in the open air.

People are becoming stir crazy, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In NYC, there’s almost limitless options to get together even with social distancing guidelines in place.

Here’s our favorite list of things to do while social distancing in NYC:

See Live Music

While bars and nightclubs are largely closed for patrons during COVID-19, many music venues are live streaming performances. On both Facebook Live and Instagram, fans can enjoy their favorite live music and interact with other people a safe distance away. Plus, you’ll be supporting artists during the crisis!

Take to the Sea

You probably thought COVID-19 shut down all the best outdoor activities. Surprisingly, jet skiing on the Hudson River is inherently in line with social distancing guidelines. While cruising around on your jet ski and seeing the sites, you’ll be beyond the suggested distance away as you and your friends pull awesome tricks – even if it is your first time jet skiing.

Take on Central Park

As the weather gets warmer, Central Park will be a welcome escape from being cooped up inside. With plenty of room to walk around its wide boulevards, you and your friends or family can take a walking tour of one of the world’s most beautiful and storied green spaces.

Virtual Gallery Tours

Over the past 15 years, art galleries have begun offering virtual tours for people too far away to visit. Along with being convenient, virtual gallery tours are the perfect opportunity to enjoy many different types of art while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Have a Dinner Date

Who says you can’t have old fashioned dinner with friends during COVID-19? Order take out from your favorite restaurant, set a time, and Zoom or Skype with your friends over a great meal. Or, take this opportunity to cook something completely new and show off!

Karaoke Party

All you need is a speaker and a microphone, even if it’s on your iPad. People all over the country are enjoying karaoke parties remotely, sometimes asking themselves why they didn’t think of it earlier. There’s even an app for that!

Try Gaming!

It might be time to dust off that N64 in the closet or sign up for a World of Warcraft account. Gaming is an obviously popular but sometimes overlooked opportunity to connect with people virtually. While Zoom and Skype have largely taken the place of person-to-person interactions, gaming offers a shared experience in an almost limitless variety.

Ride a jet ski!

While social distancing has put a stop to many of our favorite activities, it doesn’t mean this spring and summer can’t be fun. At Sea the City, we adhere to all social distancing guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control to ensure the safety of our guests. Contact us today to find out how you can have a blast safely this season.

Hot Tub Boat Tours


Fun on the NYC Hot Tub Boat

Check out Sea the City in New York

Private boat tours are a great way to hang out with a small group. Sea the City is now offering a one of a kind experience with a new hot tub boat tour. The boat can fit up to 20 people for a private tour with 8 people in each hot tub at a time. This is an ideal activity for bachelor parties or other small parties that follow social distancing guidelines. Book your hot tub boat tour today.  

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