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Jet Ski Safety – What to Know

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Getting on a jet ski is an exhilarating undertaking. There’s absolutely nothing like revving up the engine, feeling the water speeding past you, and landing a massive wave or new trick you’ve learned.

But, with all adrenaline rushes there are safety concerns. Without the right etiquette and safety measures, you can seriously hurt yourself or others trying to enjoy their time on a jet ski.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to being safe on jet skis. You’ll learn all of this if you book an excursion with Sea the City, but if you’re going solo or elsewhere with friends, you’ll save a lot of heartache and pain by following these simple rules.

Jet Ski Etiquette

Just like driving a car, there are rules to jet ski etiquette designed to keep you safe.

In most cases, you are riding a jet ski with other riders in close proximity. That means being mindful of where you are – and where other riders are – is crucial to enjoying a safe jet ski excursion.

Make sure not to get too close to other riders. Water is a medium that is as unpredictable as air, which means you could find yourself being pushed into another rider if you are too close.

Where are Other Riders Going?

Another important point is knowing how to determine where another rider is going. Straight lines are easy to identify – if you find that another rider is speeding past your path, you’ll want to slow down or change direction.

But, if another rider is turning, understanding their path will help you choose which way to go. Collisions with other jet skis are very often caused by not being mindful of where other riders are going, which can lead to serious injuries for yourself and the other rider you collide with.

Jet Ski Speed

Keeping your speed in check – just like driving a car – is all-important in riding a jet ski.

Understanding how much speed you can handle is perhaps the most important consideration. If you are riding a jet ski for the first time, blazing past other jet skis at 40 miles per hour is probably not advisable – the faster you ride, the harder it is to change direction or stop.

The speed in which you should ride is determined by how long you’ve been riding and how many other riders are in close proximity. You always want to feel like you’re in control of your jet ski, so if you feel like you’re going too fast to slow down or stop, you’re going too fast.

What to Wear on a Jet Ski

Apart from learning how to ride a jet ski, knowing what to wear is the other crucial factor to having a successful and safe ride.

The most important article of closing is your shoes. They must be waterproof and have traction on the ski – making turns is significantly easier if you are wearing the right shoes.

Proper jet ski shoes will hold their traction to the foothold even if it’s wet. Without proper shoes, you risk having your foot slip while turning, which will result in losing balance on your jet ski.

Many riders will wear gloves while jet skiing. While experts don’t necessarily have to do this, beginner jet ski riders will find that the added grip on the handlebars helps them feel more in control, which is everything when riding a jet ski.

New or Used Gear?

As with most sports gear, it’s always advisable to buy new gear when possible.

If you find a pair of shoes on Craigslist or some other second-hand service, you risk having the traction of the soles being worn out by the previous rider. The same applies for gloves, and pretty much all other equipment related to jet skis.

Jet Ski Maintenance

Related to other jet ski equipment, having your craft properly maintained is absolutely one of the most important aspects of safe jet skiing.

Failed motors while riding are difficult to control. Snapped propellers will diminish your control and make it hard to slow down. Before ever getting on a jet ski, make sure that all the proper maintenance and repairs have been done to ensure a safe riding experience.

That’s why there’s no safer way to jet ski than with Sea the City. Our machines are always properly maintained, and our equipment rentals are all inspected before riding. Couple that with our expert instructors, and you can bet you’ll have a safe ride with us, every time.

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