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The 5 Best Watersports in NYC

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New York City is a sea of construction, concrete, and convenience stores.

Most people think of the city in terms of its built environment and the subterranean underworld of a subway system. Yet, the amount of water that surrounds and runs through the city makes it a destination perfect for watersports enthusiasts.

The Hudson River, the East River, Long Island Sound, and the Upper New York Bay serve as the stage for New York City’s water ecosystem. Between these four destinations, there are hundreds of opportunities for waterside leisure and entertainment.

We’ve scoped the city to let you know what kind of watersports you can do throughout the city. Many of these even surprised us!
NYC Surfing
Many people think that riding the waves is reserved for the West Coast, and they would be wrong.

While New York City isn’t the center of the surfing world, there’s still plenty of opportunities. The secret is making sure the conditions are right.

Gilgo Beach in Long Island, Lincoln Boulevard in Long Beach Boardwalk, and 92nd Beach at Rockaway all have waves that will entertain various levels of skill and experience in surfing. So, grab your board and get ripping!

NYC Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is one of those activities that blend two sports into one – wakeboarding and kite flying. It’s a watersport that’s gaining steam, though it has a relatively long learning curve.

In NYC there are several places to get started kiteboarding. One of the most popular is Plumb Beach. Once a notoriously crowded and polluted beach, it has since cleaned up its act and become a major destination for kiteboarders.

Some other awesome locations for kiteboarding include Napeague Bay in Long Island and Shinnecock Bay in Southampton.

NYC Sailing

Sailing is often a sign of wealth, or at least the desire to appear so. Renting boats can be expensive, and buying your own boat comes with – no pun intended – a boatload of additional costs.

But, boating is alive and well in New York City. While along the Hudson River is the most obvious choice, there are several smaller scenic routes perfect for beginning boaters. These include Cloves Lake Park on Staten Island, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and Conservatory Water. The last one is a man-made body of water specifically for boating.

NYC Kayaking

Kayaking is for those who love a diverse adventure experience. You never can be too sure how rough the waters will be, so many sure you bring your water shoes!

Calm waters are easy to find throughout New York City. Perhaps the best spot in the city to kayak is Pier 26 at Hudson River Park. You can enjoy free seasonal kayaking while getting some incredible views of the city.

NYC Jetskiing

Jetskiing is a great way to enjoy the thrill of speed while taking in some incredible sights – perhaps some of the best in the city!

Hudson River is easily the best place in the entire New York City area to jet ski. There is tons of space to be able to learn in safe and open waters, and you can speed past one of the most breathtaking urban vistas in the world.

If you’re ready to dive into the water, contact us today! Our expert jet ski instructors can get anyone going in a supportive and constructive recreational environment.

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