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The 5 Best Experience Gifts in NYC

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For that special someone, there’s no better way to say ‘thank you’ than with an experience gift.

What’s an experience gift?

Experience gifts are those gifts that offer an immersive experience. As opposed to giving a physical gift, you’re giving your loved one a memory they’ll hold on to forever!

In New York City, it’s easy to understand there is no shortage of novel experiences to be had. In the most exciting city in the world, finding a great experience to gift to someone is not hard to do!

That’s why we’ve put together our favorite experience gifts to be had in New York City! With this list, we are certain you’ll find just the right experience for that special someone you’re planning on giving to.

5. NYC Museums

There’s absolutely no better place to enjoy art than in New York City.

There are dozens of museums and art galleries throughout the city, but not all museum experiences are created equal.

Also, the best museum experience is not necessarily tied to art. Our favorite experience gift is passed to the Museum of Food and Drink in Williamsburg.

With exhibits you can eat, there’s no tastier way to take a deep dive into the food we love – and hate – than a trip to the Museum of Food and Drink.

4. Unique NYC Eats

To say there’s tons of food in NYC is a gross understatement. Boasting some of the highest-end restaurants in the entire world, the food scene in NYC is nothing less than breathtakingly huge.

Along with the sheer amount of restaurants, the variety is at times dizzying. But, narrowing down your search to unique NYC restaurants will yield proper results.

The best place to grab a restaurant gift card for a friend is most definitely Ninja New York. This sushi and general Japanese restaurant are designed to look like a 16th-century Japanese village. While enjoying delicious eats, they will sit in awe amid the authentic decor and design.

3. NYC Adventure Experience

When we’re talking about adventure, we mean escape rooms. And there’s no better escape room in NYC than at Clue Chase NYC.

Expert escape room designers came together to create several high-pressure adventures for everyone looking to increase their heart rate. Clue Chase’s different scenarios will give the receiving end of your gift a run for their money while immersing them in a memorable and dramatic experience.

2. Historical Experiences

Is your friend or loved one a history buff? Well, luckily for you NYC has loads of history.

There’s so much that just any typical “historical experience” gift won’t do. You’ve got to get creative, or at least find someone else who already is.

Hop-On-Hop-Off buses are the answer to your prayers. These tours allow you to hop on at a particular destination, hop off wherever you like, then hop on again when you’re ready to explore more. Curators tell you all the dirty secrets of every stop and landmark you pass, giving your history buff friend a way to take in as much NYC history as possible.

1. Outdoor Experiences in NYC

It’s not often that almost anyone takes to the water in a high-flying jet ski. And yet here we are – the best outdoor experience gift in NYC is by far a session at Sea the City.

With expert trainers and some of the most beautiful views in NYC – that being from the Hudson River underneath the Brooklyn Bridge – there may never be a more memorable experience than a ride through NYC’s waterways with Sea the City.

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