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25 NYC Art Galleries You Can Visit Today

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Arts and the big city – a match made in heaven.

New York City’s art scene is the envy of the world, and its world-class galleries draw patrons from all over the globe as singular destinations themselves, and as an additional bonus to the rest of their trip.

Plus, the sheer diversity of galleries available equates to art for every single taste imaginable. Everything from masterworks from classic geniuses to the most cutting edge, genre-defying work calls the city home. And it’s all available for your enjoyment.

We’ve taken on the task of assembling a list of the 25 best art galleries you can visit before or after your Hudson River jet skiing trip. The art we have here makes the city beautiful, and there’s enough to inspire a lifetime of artistic consumption.


LUMAS is a global art gallery company featuring modern works covering a range of styles and themes. Everything from abstract pieces to more down-to-earth works are available for sale and view.

Find out more about LUMAS here. 

Grey Art Gallery

As New York University’s art gallery, the Grey aims to curate and promote artwork within its cultural, social, and historical contexts with everything from ancient works to modern pieces.

Find out more about the Grey Art Gallery here. 

The Wallach Gallery at Columbia University

Columbia University’s Wallach Gallery focuses on displaying and curating the works of its faculty and students. The space is often used as a forum exploring subjects relating to art and archaeology, so it’s definitely not a typical art gallery experience.

Find out more about the Wallach Gallery at Columbia University here.

The Merrin Gallery

The Merrin Gallery in New York City is one of the world’s leading ancient art galleries. Featuring pre-Columbian art from Central and South America, it’s humble beginnings as a jewelry store have fostered one of the most comprehensive collections of the genre in the world.

Find out more about the Merrin Gallery here. 

The Drawing Center

Whereas most galleries focus on the end product of drawings, the Drawing Center focuses exclusively on drawing as a medium itself. Featuring work from all strata of creators, it’s an atypical museum experience that’s sure to inspire.

Find out more about the Drawing Center here. 

Tambaran Gallery

At the Tambaran, you can expect loads of artworks in African, Oceanic, and contemporary styles. As one of New York’s only galleries specializing in this sector of the art world, it’s a great place to explore cultural traditions from around the world – often overlooked in the contemporary art scene.

Find out more about the Tambaran Gallery here. 

Artists Space

The Artists Space is a gallery which focuses on artists and inspirations within the city itself. It’s a wonderful stop for anyone looking for a different perspective of the city through artistic expression.

Find out more about the Artists Space here.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

It’s one of the world’s largest fine art museums, with a collection that brings in patrons from all over the world. Everything from contemporary to ancient forms find home here, all displayed in the highest quality possible.

Find out more about the Metropolitan Museum of Art here.

Rosenberg and Co.

The Rosenberg family are famed for their personal collection of art, dating back to the mid-19th century. With a focus on impressionist and contemporary art, it’s highly curated collection seeks to offer a deep dive into the history of a family, along with a history of art.

Find out more about Rosenberg and Co. here.

Neue Galerie

The Neue Galerie’s collection focuses on German and Austrian art ranging from the late 19th-century to the mid-20th century. Any movement from those two countries worth curating has representation here.

Find out more about the Neue Galerie here. 

Hunter College Art Galleries

The galleries at Hunter College curate a collection intertwined with curriculum at the college. From widely-coveted modern pieces to works from its own students and faculty, you can get a taste of the classic and the new from a selection of backgrounds as diverse as the college’s population.

Find out more about the Hunter College Art Galleries here.

J. Yao Art Gallery

This gallery curates the work of C. J. Yao, a Taiwanese artist who has exhibited all over the world, and eventually became a major force in Mainland China. His work spans surrealist and hyperrealist mediums, celebrating the work of a true master.

Find out more about the C. J. Yao Art Gallery here. 


For video game lovers, this destination will be a treat. It’s an artist community whose members focus on video games as a medium and an inspiration. It’s especially attractive for people who enjoy the finer side of graphic design.

Find out more about Babycastles here. 

Mishkin Gallery

The Mishkin is an important gallery in New York City in that it strives to introduce disparate artist voices to the United States. With exhibitions from all around the world, it’s a valuable and truly enjoyable “mixed bag.”

Find out more about the Mishkin Gallery here. 

Able Fine Art New York Gallery

The Able Fine Art Gallery focuses on international artists. It presents as a door to the American market for creatives around the world, and as a door to various international traditions for American patrons.

Find out more about the Able Fine Art Gallery here. 

Sadigh Gallery of Ancient Art

The Sadigh is one of New York’s biggest ancient art and artifact galleries. Featuring works from all around the world – and across a wide swath of ancient history – it’s perfect for art lovers and history buff alike.

Find out more about the Sadigh Gallery here. 

McCaffrey Gallery

The Fergus McCaffrey Gallery is world-renowned for its curation of postwar Japanese art – it’s considered the New York epicenter for this specific genre. Also featuring plenty of contemporary American and European pieces, one can get lost for hours at this gallery.

Find out more about the McCaffrey Gallery here. 

The Tibet House

With a focus on preserving the art and culture of Tibet, the Tibet House is loaded with thousands of artifacts for this ancient diaspora culture. Created at the request of his holiness the Dalai Lama, the tibet House is practically created for those interested in Buddhism, and the storied history of Tibet.

Find out more about the Tibet House here. 

Leslie Lohman Museum of Art

The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art focuses on the creative pursuits of the LGBTQ population, both in abstract and contemporary styles, and graphical styles.

Find out more about the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art here.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art – otherwise known as MOMA – needs no introduction. It’s one of the world’s best modern art museums, open to all forms of creative expression, no matter how benign or graphic.

Find out more about the MOMA here. 

The New Museum

The New Museum in New York City focuses on the abstract and contemporary work of living artists. One can expect truly mind bending work aimed at expanding the consciousness and challenging prejudices.

Find out more about The New Museum here. 

High Line Nine

High Line Nine is a gallery that explores the intersection of art and design. Equal parts art gallery and graphic design gallery, anyone who loves graphic works will love it here.

Find out more about High Line Nine here. 

Queens Museum

The Queens Museum is the premier arts destination for one of New York’s most culturally and ethnically diverse boroughs. Often featuring work from Black and LatinX artists, it’s a true blend of high art and urban life.

Find out more about the Queens Museum here. 

The Museum of Street Art

This museum explores the art many don’t consider art – street art. With contributions from street art creatives from around the world, you can step into what many consider the underbelly of art to experience a higher form of urbanism only this art form can provide.

Find out more about the Museum of Street Art here.

Museum of Arts and Design

The Museum of Arts and Design – known as MAD – focuses on functional art and physical pieces with uses beyond their beauty. For loves of product design, fashion, and art, this is a must-see feast for the eyes.

Find out more about MAD here. 

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